How to book?


Majority of the cost is covered through your private health insurance physiotherapy extras. Please bring your health insurance card which will be swiped at the commencement of your running session. There is a $20 gap payment per session which is paid at the time of booking.


Cost if I don’t have physiotherapy extras?
You are still eligible to attend. Cost is $40 per session which is paid at the time of booking.


What is the cancellation policy?
Please inform us of cancellations on

Unfortunately, the amount which is paid at the time of booking is not refunded.


RED Centre at Prince Alfred College in Kent Town. Enter on Capper St, near the corner of The Parade West.

Street parking is available.


What is the duration of the sessions?
1 hour. Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete some paperwork.


How many attendees in a session?
Usually between 1 and 4.

Feel free to book and attend with a friend or two.


How many sessions can I attend?
As many as you like. The more sessions, the more you will improve.

Appropriate ages?
5 years and older.


Are the sessions classified into age or ability levels?
No. Due to the individualised nature of the sessions, there can be a mix of age and abilities without impacting on the benefits received by the attendees.


Who oversees the sessions?
Tom Hassell – see for more information on Tom and his background.

Tom has a few Assistants who are suitably trained and have the appropriate clearances to ensure the safety of all involved.


How will my running technique be assessed?
Video analysis is required to adequately assess running technique. By booking into this clinic, you are also consenting to video being undertaken during the session. The video analysis is combined with the ‘trained eye’ of Tom and his Assistants.

You will receive regular feedback on your technique and strategies to improve any biomechanical errors.


What if the weather is inclement (raining or extreme heat)?
The sessions are NOT cancelled as there is the option of using the indoor facilities.


What do I need to bring?
Health insurance card, comfortable exercise clothes, drink bottle and a positive attitude.


Do I need to be at a certain running standard?
No, anyone is welcome to attend.


What if I have questions that have not been addressed here?
Contact Tom Hassell on

About Tom Hassell

As a physiotherapist, Tom represented Australia at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Tom was also an accomplished track & field runner himself. He has been the number 1 ranked runner in South Australia and he has also been in the fastest handful of athletes in Australia. In addition, he has won numerous races at the prestigious Stawell Gift.

Tom has a specialised and unique skill-set whereby he combines his extensive physiotherapy knowledge with his high-level running experience.

Tom has worked with both recreational and elite athletes of all ages and has had outstanding results in optimising running technique, speed and acceleration. He has assisted many top level athletes, including AFL & SANFL footballers, international soccer players, Olympic athletes and many more.