We have been providing a physiotherapy service to aged care facilities for well over 20 years. As a result, we have a solid understanding of aged care and how physiotherapy can be of benefit to not only residents, but also to aged care facilities through the ACFI system.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service which meets the needs of all stakeholders. The benefits are evident in the following ways:

For aged care facilities:
  • A very competitive cost-effective service
  • Optimising eligible funding for the facility and ensuring all ACFI requirements are met
  • Partnering with the facility to ensure that all accreditation requirements are met
  • Close control and monitoring of the service quality and documentation, with consistent physiotherapists every session. Our physiotherapists become integral members of the multidisciplinary team within the facility
  • A focus on staff well-being with training provided in areas such as manual handling
For residents and clients:
  • Highly trained physiotherapists who have a passion for aged care
  • Optimising the quality of life of residents through improving pain management and mobility
  • Personalised, evidence-based, hands-on treatment and rehabilitation involving therapeutic massage, electrotherapy, mobility training, strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Clear and transparent communication with a focus on optimising resident outcomes